Open source weekend in Bratislava

During the weekend 14-15th of March 2015, SOIT was organising Open Source weekend in Bratislava. As a member I have decided to gave a talk how to start Django project. Here is my brief summary of the conference and what it was all about. I think I can separate talks into several sections, even these were not official sections of the conference.

OpenData and Open government was one large section in Saturday afternoon. Even thou I am not working with big data, I have always supported the idea that all data produced by any government should be open and easily accessible by people. Now I have realised how important it is. There have to be people who understand the topic, because otherwise it would be just another project that looks good on paper, but is useless in real world. We have several bright people trying to push government right way, so new interesting projects can be born, instead of wasting money on useless webpages produced by half professional companies. Unfortunately public interest seems to be very low for this topic. Part of this section was talk about secret service attempt for a new law invading peoples privacy, followed by nice discussion. I have to mention there is a petition against this law.

The Conference was attended by quite a lot of people from RedHat, which is based in Brno, not far away from Bratislava. There was plenty of Fedora DVDs so I decided to switch from Mint, as the live DVD was working fine for me and drivers I had problems with in the past seems to be resolved. There was a large variety of talks from general explanations how Fedora workstation is done to Linux core interruptions. It was rather nice and refreshing as I was using Fedora long years in my previous job and I can see they are trying hard to keep good operating system.

Probably the largest part was dedicated to introduce the open source projects. Part of the speakers were introducing their own projects to larger audience and the others talked how to start using tools.

For me this was the most interesting bit. I have learned few new tricks and I decided to start using Ansible as it seems cool tool for my horde of Raspberry Pi’s. I gave a talk about how to start with Django (slides). It was brief introduction to Django and quick tutorial how to start a project with explanation of models, views, templates with examples of Don’t Repeat Yourself principles.

Overall I think the event went rather well, and next year I will gladly join the conference again. Apart glitch with buffet closed on Sunday, everything went fine and I am happy I met several interesting people.