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Let`s learn what is going on with Raspberry Pis in home network

Since I do have several Raspberry Pis at home, I figured out it would be cool to know how they`d perform while I am not using them. I decided to install Zabbix on one of them. If you don’t know what Zabbix is, it is an open source monitoring solution for networks and applications.

PostgreSQL: show tables, show databases, show columns, describe table

PostgreSQL is one of the best databases, which you can choose from when working on your project. If you are switching from MySQL, you will realise immediatelly that you are missing basic commands that you were used to in MySQL. Lets have a look at few basic commands.

Install Nginx PHP and MySQL on Raspberry Pi

Previously we have installed Raspbian, now we can do some actual work and install Nginx, PHP and MySQL on our Raspberry Pi. Afterwards we can use our Raspberry Pi as full-fledged home webserver.

How to get back free space after deleting MySQL database

One of the MySQL characteristics when using InnoDB is, if you delete database, MySQL is not able to return empty space back. If you have small databases you probably didnt even noticed it. However if your databases have several GB, you probably wish to get it back.


  1. CentOS
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Nginx
  4. Conference
  5. Django
  6. Python
  7. virtualenv
  8. Zabbix
  9. Asuswrtn
  10. SNMP
  11. Raspbian
  12. EXT3
  13. Raspberry Pi
  14. PostgreSQL
  15. PHP
  16. git
  17. Ludolph
  18. Apache
  19. MySQL
  20. backups