Richard's Log: virtualenv

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How to start Django project correctly

To start project on solid foundation, we have to do several things. In this article we will talk about what is required to be done to have Django project that is independent on packages in operating system, is versioned with Git, has database migrations. We will also scratch how to easily create our own functions for automatic deployment and testing on local or remote server.

How to start with virtualenv?

As the name virtualenv implies, it is isolated virtual environment, which allows us install multiple versions of python applications and libraries on one system.


  1. CentOS
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Nginx
  4. Conference
  5. Django
  6. Python
  7. virtualenv
  8. Zabbix
  9. Asuswrtn
  10. SNMP
  11. Raspbian
  12. EXT3
  13. Raspberry Pi
  14. PostgreSQL
  15. PHP
  16. git
  17. Ludolph
  18. Apache
  19. MySQL
  20. backups